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How Applicant Tracking Systems Work

There are numerous different ATS software programs on the market. While all applicant tracking systems are slightly different, they all work in a similar way; by allowing for filtering, management, and analysis of candidates for a particular job opening. This is our third post on applicant tracking systems. If you missed the first two posts, […]

Affiliate Program

Schofield Strategies Launches Affiliate Program – You Can Earn 25% Commission!

Schofield Strategies launches affiliate program! Affiliate members can earn 25% commission for every sale made the shopping cart on our website. For more information and to sign up:   What is an Affiliate Program/How Does it Work? Join our affiliate program and start earning 25% commission money for every sale of our resume training and […]

ats are they really a black hole?

Are Applicant Tracking Systems Really a Black Hole?

Knowing how an ATS operates is critical in today’s job search. When there are a large number of applicants for a position, an ATS allows hiring managers to screen out low-ranking resumes, saving them valuable time. For an overview of Applicant Tracking Systems, read the initial post in this series. Basically, you can equate an […]


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