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Is Your Resume Compliant with Applicant Tracking Systems?

Is Your Resume Compliant with Applicant Tracking Systems? – Part 1

Newer applicant tracking system (ATS) software doesn’t simply identify keywords and apply a score based on how many times that keyword appeared. It’s not enough to have the right keyword in the resume. Instead, the system looks for relevance of the keyword to your work history and/or education. Those keywords are analyzed and weighed in […]

How Applicant Tracking Systems Work

There are numerous different ATS software programs on the market. While all applicant tracking systems are slightly different, they all work in a similar way; by allowing for filtering, management, and analysis of candidates for a particular job opening. This is our third post on applicant tracking systems. If you missed the first two posts, […]

Affiliate Program

Schofield Strategies Launches Affiliate Program – You Can Earn 25% Commission!

Schofield Strategies launches affiliate program! Affiliate members can earn 25% commission for every sale made the shopping cart on our website. For more information and to sign up:   What is an Affiliate Program/How Does it Work? Join our affiliate program and start earning 25% commission money for every sale of our resume training and […]


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