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Informational Interviews

Choosing Who to Interview for an Informational Interview

When seeking information about a job, company, or industry, there are a variety of sources that can provide what you need. These may include: Someone who is doing the job you want but at a different company than you are thinking of applying to. Someone who works in the industry you want to work in, […]

Interview Key Shows Interviewing Interviews Or Interviewer

An Introduction to Informational Interviews

What if you could get “inside information” about a company you’re interested in working for, or about a specific job you’re applying for? Well, there may be a way! Informational interviews (also called information sessions, informational meetings, or research interviews) are interviews you conduct to gather information as you prepare for a job interview and/or […]


LinkedIn and Your Job Search

LinkedIn is quickly becoming one of the most utilized social media tool for job searching and networking. Do you know how to fully utilize LinkedIn to help further your career? To make the most of your LinkedIn® profile, Schofield Strategies recommends these five tips: 1. Searches on LinkedIn® return listings that display only photos, names, […]


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