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Informational interviews

What Not To Do in an Informational Interview

Did you miss the previous blog post in this series? Remember that an informational interview is your chance to get “inside information,” so take advantage of the opportunity! However, there are some “what not to do” items to keep in mind during an information interview. Don’t waste your interviewer’s time. Again, be sure that you’ve […]

NMSN Career Planning

Career Goal Planning

Thank you to the National Military Spouse Network for publishing our Career Goal Planning article. The new year is a perfect time to begin a new career! Tweet

Informational Interviews

Preparing For an Informational Interview

Did you miss the first post on our informational interview series? Before you request and schedule an informational interview, familiarize yourself with the person you’ll be interviewing, their job, the company, and the industry. You don’t want to waste someone’s time asking them questions that could be answered with a simple Google search. When you […]


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