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The 4 Most-Asked Questions About LinkedIn

  LinkedIn is one of the most popular job search tools in use today. Many people who are on LinkedIn know the basics about completing their profile, but are often left with questions about how to make the best use of this social media platform. Below are the top four questions that Schofield Strategies receives […]

Schofield Strategies in the Huffington Post

Schofield Strategies Mentioned in the Huffington Post!

A huge thank you to Janine Boldrin and the Huffington Post for linking to Schofield Strategies, LLC as the go-to place for veterans who need to update their resume!     Tweet

After the Interview Quick Tips

Wondering what to do after an interview? These quick tips below will help you!   Write a Thank You Note: For a sample, click here.   Follow-Up With Your References: Immediately contact anyone who you had provided to the company as a reference. Let them know about your interview and how it went and prepare […]


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