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LinkedIn and Your Job Search

LinkedIn is quickly becoming one of the most utilized social media tool for job searching and networking. Do you know how to fully utilize LinkedIn to help further your career? To make the most of your LinkedIn® profile, Schofield Strategies recommends these five tips: 1. Searches on LinkedIn® return listings that display only photos, names, […]

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Four Ways to Connect With a Hiring Manager

Research shows that job seekers can increase their chances of obtaining a job if they can get their resume right into the hands of a hiring manager. Most of the time, though, job postings will not have the hiring manager’s information. Ways to Connect With a Hiring Manager 1. Use LinkedIn: Search on LinkedIn to […]

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Job Fair Tips!

Are you thinking about attending an upcoming job fair? These tips below will help you maximize your time there!! Before the job fair: If you are able to obtain a list of companies that will be at the job fair, spend some time researching the companies ahead of time to see if they have your “dream […]

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Your Career Roadmap – Step 4: Take Action

With the goals you have written down in step three, you now have a checklist of items to use to take action. If you are working through the steps and discover you need to add additional items, update your goal list. You may also discover additional projects that need to be completed to make the […]

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