5 Social Media Faux Pas to Avoid – Small Businesses and Solopreneurs Take Note!

This is a guest post by Kara Rajchel, freelance web designer & content writer.

 5 Social Media Faux Pas to Avoid

More and more brands are now realizing the power of social media.  Like any super power, social media should be used responsibly. Social media misuse can tarnish your brand’s reputation online and off. Avoid these pitfalls and use your brand’s social media for the powers of good and you will be rewarded with happy and plentiful fans and followers.

1       Don’t spam. Just don’t do it. No one likes spam. Tweeting about your new blog entry multiple times throughout the day is fine. Tweeting about it on the hour, every hour, is a bit much. This also applies to posting unsolicited links on the pages of others; manners matter even on the internet.  Spamming is also generally a reportable offense that can get your account banned from most social media networks.

2       Don’t buy followers/likes. People will know.  Users don’t usually get a million new followers in a 24-hour period. Savvy social media users know this.  Remember, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have. What matters is the quality of interactions you have with them. 100 passionate, active followers are worth more than a thousand fake accounts.  Remember, the reason why you are using social media is to build relationships with people.

3       Fill out all of your account info. Upload the user icon and cover photo. Fill in all of the profile fields and link to all of your other social media accounts as well as your website. This will help your fans find you and find all of your other accounts as well. Plus it just looks good! Nothing says “I might be a bot” or “I don’t know what I’m doing” like the generic user icons you get when you first join a social media network.

4       Know the laws of the land. Each social media network has its own quirks, etiquette, and personality.  They all have their own abbreviations and special markups. Save your RTs for Twitter, Facebook still does not support hashtags, Reddit hates marketers, and keep your LinkedIn® professional!

5       Have a plan. Know how you will approach social media. This involves knowing what kind of voice your brand will have, and what you will post about. This also means planning for the worst. Interacting with your audience over social media isn’t a science; people can react in unexpected ways. When you find your brand at the heart of a controversy, know how you will respond and get the flames under control.

Avoid these social media faux pas and you are on your way to social media success.


Parity Designs LogoKara Rajchel is a freelance web designer & content writer. She is married to an active duty Marine and they are currently stationed in the Greater Philadelphia Area.  When she’s not designing, Kara can be found playing Massively Multiplayer Online Games, drawing, playing with her cats or dreaming of her home state of Vermont.  Check out her website at http://www.paritydesigns.com/.


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