Polish Up That Resume!

We wanted to start off the new year by thanking all of our wonderful clients and sharing a post that one of our personal branding/resume writing clients wrote about her experience working with us this past year.

Schofield Strategies truly wants all of our clients to succeed and provide our clients with as many tools as possible to make their dreams a reality.

Thank you to our wonderful client for posting this entry on her blog!

“Hi folks!! Just wanted to share something with you. A while back, I was eves dropping on Twitter and saw some people talking about Schofield Strategies for resume services. After inquiring myself, I was introduced to Amy Schofield, the Administrative Consultant and Resume Writer. After seeing exactly what she offered and looking at her prices and my current resume with Joe, we decided that where I am in my education and job hunt right now, this would be a GREAT investment in our future. Like I’ve discussed before, when I graduate I will be looking for a job back home in Arkansas so we can start a new chapter after Joe gets in the Army. So contracts were signed and Amy started on my resume. A few days later I got a loooooooong list of questions from her about my experience and education. There were questions I would never think to ask about. So then a draft of my resume was sent my way and we scheduled a phone call to go over it all. I’m not sure what I expected, but I was seriously blown away by the draft I was sent. I showed Joe before the phone call. He just laughed & said it looked like I was a real person with real experience. So during the phone call, Amy was able to educate me on WHY my resume was set up like it was and WHAT employers are looking for and HOW employers look over resumes. Amy really knows her stuff! She started sharing studies with me about how resumes and hiring has evolved over the last decade, given the current job market. She tailored my resume to two dream jobs I would love to have, but then described to me how to format the resume so that it can be tailored to each job. This was odd to Joe. Why would someone give away her secrets? Why would she tell me how to fix it when I could just go back to her and she could “charge me more” to fix it? After the phone call with Amy, I can tell you 100% – she shares this information with her clients because she wants her clients to have the best resume possible, even after she’s done with it, and truly cares about us getting a good job. She even wants her clients to let her know when we get those dream jobs.

Amy is a military spouse and is very good at what she does. I found her in a spontaneous round-a-bout kind of way. So I wanted to post this here, just in case someone out there reading this is considering fixing their resume, but doesn’t know where to start. Amy offers many different options at many different price points. I would recommend her ALL DAY LONG!! I could not be happier with her services.”


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