Federal Resume Template


Did you know that you need a separate federal resume if you are applying to a federal vacancy? What details do you need to include in your federal resume that are not included in your civilian-sector resume?


Your federal resume is more intricate than your civilian-sector resume. But, what information do you need to include on it?

This downloadable, customizable federal resume template includes:
•    Federal resume template in Microsoft Word with thorough information for you to fill out to complete a federal resume
•    A separate document that contains an overview of federal resume tips to ensure you develop a complete USAJOBS application

This federal resume template will allow you to create a well-constructed federal resume, which will hopefully increase your chances of being referred and amongst the “Best Qualifed” candidates.

“This template was very spot on. Every single detail was customized for the federal needs and requirements.”


“I have used and love the federal resume template from Schofield Strategies. It’s very affordable and the creator provides a detailed step by step outline of what you need to do to fill it out. There is a lot of debate about whether to use the USAjobs resume builder or an uploaded resume. All I can say is, I have been offered several positions with the resumes I write using these templates and people I have helped have been offered positions as well. It’s a reusable template and SO worth the money. I truly stand by the results.” – A.G.


“Personally, I’m a perfectionist. So, I wanted extra help, laid out for me, kindergarten style. I paid less than $20 and got a GREAT resume template WITH instructions and explanations from Schofield Strategies. Federal resume writing is stressful. It can be overwhelming. There are a million and one resources out there for free, but sometimes you just want things handed to you. All the information is there for you. Every single line required by the coveted USAJobs builder is covered in Amy’s templates AND it LOOKS so much better! Much easier to read. Just fill it out and upload it. I’ve gotten at least 4 job offers with this template. That’s 100% of the jobs I applied for with it!”


“This product has really good info as far as flow and type of information to include!” – W.B.


“Your format and price make the template a good investment.” – A.B.


“Easy to use.” – A.B.


“If you are looking for help writing your federal resume but don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars for someone to write it out for you, check out Schofield Strategies. She has a wide range of packages to choose from including a simple to use template with details on how to fill out your information! I have personally used her templates and have received MULTIPLE offers with my resume. We may have all the free resources in the world as military spouses for employment assistance, but nothing has made my life quite as easy as these templates.” – A.G.



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