Resume Customer

I truly appreciated the support you provided during this process. I especially found your attention to detail and the questions you provided at the start of this process to be helpful in helping me create a narrative that allowed me to see that I have a lot to offer. The end result of my resume feels very personal. Thank you.

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Laura, Resume Services Customer

A connection recommended Schofield Strategies for a resume review and my experience was AMAZING! I worked to get my resume in tip-top shape before sending it to Amy and she tore it to shreds (in a good way!!). She had an eagle eye for catching formatting issues and gave me some really great feedback on content. I highly recommend Schofield Strategies for anyone looking to take their resume to the next level! I felt it was well worth the price I paid.

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Mary, Resume Services Customer

Amy did amazing work for me several years ago and I definitely credit her work with playing at least some role in my getting hired for two jobs where I knew zero people, just sent in my beautiful resume that she worked with me on!

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Resume Services Customer

It means the world to me to be able to have an expert create my cover letter and resume, it takes such a load off and leaves me feeling confident that my initial contact was amazing! I appreciate your time effort and patience with my revisions and questions.

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