Amy helped me put my resume together when I went back to work after a five year employment gap. I’ve been employed ever since Amy applied her magic to my resume and translated my skills into something that looked amazing on paper!

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Your resume helped me successfully obtain a new position within my current organization – so thanks are owed many times over.

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You worked on my resume a few years ago and it was awesome! I landed my dream company. All thanks to your resume writing.

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One of the more difficult things for transitioning the military is putting together their resume. We need to translate our experience, make sure our accomplishments describe the “so what” and how we accomplished them. They need to speak to what the person did, not their team. They need to be quantifiable and tailored to the job description.

Amy Schofield got me started with my resume, and did a fantastic job of translating my awards and fitness reports to resume bullets.

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