5 Ways to Stand Out During Your Skype Interview!

Skype InterviewMore companies these days are using virtual interviews, such Skype interviews. Are you ready if you are requested to perform a Skype interview? Make sure you read our previous post on 7 Tips on Preparing for a Skype Interview and then read on below for some ways to stand out during your Skype interview!

  1. Dress nicely from head-to-toe. You may think you do not need to wear dress pants with the shirt and tie since the interviewer is only going to see the top half of your outfit. But you never know when you might need to stand during an interview. Pajama pants or shorts with a dress shirt, tie, and jacket just do not work.
  2. Keep your clothing color choice in mind. Check how the colors of your clothing appear on camera.
  3. If using a cell phone, have your phone charger and an outlet nearby. If using a laptop, make sure it is plugged in and is charging. You do not want the interview to end unexpectedly!
  4. You can take notes during a Skype interview, but do not take too many, or you will come off looking distracted. Take notes with a pen and paper, not on your computer.
  5. With video, there is sometimes a delay or interference, so make sure you pause before answering a question to avoid over talking the interviewer.

At the end of your Skype interview, inquire about what the next step will be. Have your calendar or schedule close by in case you are asked to schedule your next interview. Follow-up is key after a Skype interview. Research indicates that employers are less likely to keep jobseekers updated after a Skype interview than with an in-person interview.



Note: This blog post only touches on certain aspects of this topic and is not a comprehensive list. This blog post is an educational and informational resource for job seekers and is not a substitute for working with a resume writer or other professional. See our Terms and Conditions for additional information.

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