Schofield Strategies Appears in the Business Review!

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Schofield Strategies appears in the October – December 2013 issue of the Business Review. In this issue, Amy provides reasons why entrepreneurs need a resume too. Below is a snapshot of the article. Please visit the online edition of the Business Review to read the full article.

You’re an Entrepreneur – Do you Really Need a Resume? 

As an entrepreneur, when is the last time you updated your resume? Do you even have a resume? Most entrepreneurs I speak with tend to think a resume is no longer essential once they launch their own business and they generally brush their resume aside for many, many years until it becomes so outdated that it’s obsolete. Still not convinced that you need a resume as an entrepreneur? Here are two key reasons why you, yes you, as an entrepreneur should have an updated resume on hand and ready to distribute.”

Click here to continue reading this article on the digital issue of the Business Review.

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