Top Networking Tips – How to Network Confidentially and After You Start a New Job

How to Network Confidentially and After You Start a New Job

The more people who know you’re looking for a new job, the more likely your current employer is to find out about it. Ever been surprised when a friend announces a new job and you didn’t even know they were looking? You can use networking even when you’re quietly searching for a new position.

Contact members of your network individually about your job search instead of mass messages or social media updates. Let your contact know that you are conducting your job search quietly, and ask for their help in keeping your search confidential.

When you are updating your LinkedIn® profile as part of your job search, you can turn on LinkedIn®’s privacy setting about sharing notifications and activity broadcasts before you change your profile or add a bunch of new contacts.

If your primary purpose of networking is for your job search, don’t network on company time or use company resources. Never use your company email to send emails to your networking contacts.

After you start your new job, be sure to send a personal thank-you letter to your network, especially contacts that have specifically helped you with your recent job search. Do not forget about your network just because you found a new job. Networking is a two-way relationship. One of the most important parts of maintaining your network is providing assistance when you are asked. Be responsive to requests for help from those within your network when you are asked.


Note: This blog post only touches on certain aspects of this topic and is not a comprehensive list. This blog post is an educational and informational resource for job seekers and is not a substitute for working with a resume writer or other professional. See our Terms and Conditions for additional information.


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