Top Networking Tips – How to Use Your Network!

The people you know can be the best way for you to find your next job. According to a 2012 survey by Right Management, person-to-person networking is the single most effective way to find a new job, with 46% of jobseekers identifying networking as the reason they found their most recent job. Read below and check back on our blog for more networking tips.

How to Use Your Network

You can contact specific people in your network, or even your entire network, and let them know you are looking for ideas, information, advice, and contacts. This is the broadest way to use your network, and can be useful if you are currently unemployed and not worried about jeopardizing your current job by visibly pursuing a new one.

You can also use your network for a more targeted approach. Identify a specific goal you have, and then contact people who are in a position to help you reach that specific job goal.

For example, if you see an advertised opening for a position, go through your network and see who might be able to provide you with access someone who works at that company who could then get you in touch with the hiring manager or pass along your resume for you. You can also use that person’s name within your cover letter letting the organization know that you have a direct contact there.



Note: This blog post only touches on certain aspects of this topic and is not a comprehensive list. This blog post is an educational and informational resource for job seekers and is not a substitute for working with a resume writer or other professional. See our Terms and Conditions for additional information.


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