What Not To Do in an Informational Interview

Informational interviews

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Remember that an informational interview is your chance to get “inside information,” so take advantage of the opportunity! However, there are some “what not to do” items to keep in mind during an information interview.

Don’t waste your interviewer’s time. Again, be sure that you’ve done your homework ahead of time so that you are not asking simple questions.

Don’t forget that an interview is still a two-way dialogue. Ask if you can take notes during the interview, but don’t be so focused on your note-taking that you’re not engaged in the conversation. In most cases, the big picture is more important than the small details. But do jot down notes so you can fill in the details later.

The number one rule for informational interviews is that you do not ask for a job or turn the informational interview into a sales pitch. An informational interview may lead to a job interview, but the quickest way to have your informational interview end abruptly is to direct your questions toward why that person should hire you for the job you want at their company.

The final article in this series will cover what you should do when your informational interviews are complete and the follow-up action you should take.



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