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Informational Interviewing

Informational Interviewing Have you ever been on an informational interview? It can be a great way to learn more about your dream job! Make connections with people who can network you into the top opportunities within the area and then ask for the opportunity to meet with them where you can learn more about a […]

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7 Tips to Prepare for a Skype Interview!

More companies these days are using virtual interviews to screen candidates (if you missed our blog series on phone interviews, read them here and here.) Video interviews, using methods such as Skype or FaceTime, are another form of virtual interviews. Even though the interview is being conducted by webcam, this is a “real” live interview, […]

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After the Informational Interview

Did you miss the previous post on informational interviews? Take a few minutes after the interview to write down your thoughts and impressions, recording as much of the information as you can remember, including the small details. Also, think of questions you still want answered, or new questions you have as a result of the […]

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What Not To Do in an Informational Interview

Did you miss the previous blog post in this series? Remember that an informational interview is your chance to get “inside information,” so take advantage of the opportunity! However, there are some “what not to do” items to keep in mind during an information interview. Don’t waste your interviewer’s time. Again, be sure that you’ve […]

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Preparing For an Informational Interview

Did you miss the first post on our informational interview series? Before you request and schedule an informational interview, familiarize yourself with the person you’ll be interviewing, their job, the company, and the industry. You don’t want to waste someone’s time asking them questions that could be answered with a simple Google search. When you […]

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G.I. Jobs Article – After the Interview

Amy Schofield was featured in G.I. Jobs’ article “What to Do After the Interview.”   Make sure you head on over to G.I. Jobs for answers to the following post-interview questions: When should you follow up? Should you write a thank you note? What to avoid doing after the interview? What if you don’t want […]

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