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LinkedIn Profile Optimization to Help Further Your Brand!

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful networking tools available today and can be used by job seekers as well as entrepreneurs to further their branding. However, it is one thing to just set up a profile and “be” on LinkedIn, but it is another thing to actually create a strong impact statement and utilize […]

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Simple Steps to Lead Organization

  Tiffany Silverberg (of interviewed Amy about her organizational skills. Here is a sneak peak! Head on over to Tiffany’s blog to see the rest of the interview!   Tiff: Amy, how do you prioritize tasks – especially when there are more tasks than time? Amy: I like to break down all of my tasks and […]

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Job Interviews – Job Seekers Should Ask Questions Too!

Job interviews aren’t meant to be an interrogation for job seekers — they are supposed to be a dialogue. An interview is as much about making sure the company is a fit for you as it is that you are a fit for the company. Before the interview, at a minimum, you should research the company — and the […]

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