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At some point in your job search, you may consider working with a recruiter. It can be helpful to understand more about this industry and how recruiters operate. Recruiters are also referred to as search firms, placement agencies, executive recruiters, or headhunters. Companies use recruiters to help identify a select number of candidates for a […]

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Your Job Offer Questions Answered!

  Your Job Offer Questions Answered!  Many of the people we work with ask us the same questions about job offers, so we wanted to give you some tips that can help you during this part of your job search. Here are some of the common job offer questions that we receive:   I’ve been […]

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Military Transition: 10 Steps for Transitioning to a Civilian Career

Military Transition: 10 Steps for Transitioning to a Civilian Career Enroll in the Transition GPS Class (formerly known as TAP class): Transition GPS includes a five-day workshop with additional days of training available. Part of the class is spent on job search strategies, including resume writing and interview preparation. You can also fill out a survey to […]

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The 4 Most-Asked Questions About LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular job search tools in use today. Many people who are on LinkedIn know the basics about completing their profile, but are often left with questions about how to make the best use of this social media platform. Below are the top four questions that Schofield Strategies receives regarding […]

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After the Interview Quick Tips

Wondering what to do after an interview? These after the interview quick tips will help you!   Write a Thank You Note: For a sample, click here.   Follow-Up With Your References: Immediately contact anyone who you had provided to the company as a reference. Let them know about your interview and how it went […]

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Interview Thank You Notes

When you are one of many candidates being considered, what you do after the interview can set you apart significantly and increase your chances of being offered the job. Here are some tips for writing your interview thank you notes. The first thing to do is to send a follow-up note. The etiquette for thank […]

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Quick Interview Tips to Put Your Best Foot Forward!

 Think of this as your interview preparation cheat sheet!!   Be polite and courteous to every person you interact with at the company. Even the receptionist may be asked how you treated her. A little courtesy goes a long way. Obtain contact information and proper spelling of the person’s name for anyone who interviews you. […]

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How to Prepare for an Interview on Interview Day!

Did you miss the previous post on how to prepare for an interview? If so, check it out here. This post focuses on how to prepare for an interview on interview day, including dressing for success and what you should bring to your interview. Please leave us a note below if you have any questions! Dressing […]

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