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Write Your Way to a Better Resume Training Series Plus Customizable Resume Templates!

Resume Training and Customizable Templates Did you know hiring managers typically spend less than 60 seconds skimming a resume? Did you know that many companies are now using computerized scanning systems to sort through resumes? In this one-of-a-kind, step-by-step resume training, created exclusively by certified resume writer, Amy Schofield, you will be guided through a […]

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Networking Cover Letter Sample – Relocation

Networking cover letter sample – relocation: Our first networking cover letter sample provided content to customize for after a layoff. This networking cover letter sample provides content to customize for a relocation. Creating a networking cover letter is a great way to let your network know that you are moving to a new location and looking […]

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Networking Cover Letter Samples

Networking Cover Letter Samples Have you ever used a networking cover letter to let your network know that you are looking for a position? The next few blog posts will provide networking cover letter samples for you to use in your job search. Sample networking cover letter after a layoff:  Dear (Name): As you know, […]

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Assess How You’re Conducting Your Job Search

How do your get your resume into the hands of a decision-maker who has the authority to interview you? Applying to Online Job Postings: This is where most job seekers spend their time. There are many places where jobs are posted online. These can include the hiring company’s website or LinkedIn Company Page, niche websites […]

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Not Getting Interviews? Re-Examine Your Resume

Not Getting Interviews? Re-Examine Your Resume A professionally written resume is ideally suited for one particular job target. This may be a specific job title (“administrative assistant”) or several jobs that are similarly suited — for example, senior accountant/finance manager/chief financial officer. If you’re not getting calls for interviews, your resume may be the issue. […]

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