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Creating Your Positioning / Elevator Speech

It’s time to pull together all of the information you gathered during your research and create your positioning (or elevator speech). Your personal position should highlight your expertise and unique abilities. You can “name drop” by including well-known companies, schools, and credentials in your positioning. Your personal positioning has two parts: a tagline and a […]

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Research Your Profession to Identify Your Positioning / Elevator Speech

Researching your industry and the type of job you want can also help you identify your unique positioning (you own elevator speech). Looking at job postings can help you learn about the education, skills, and experience employers are looking for, but you should also consider digging deeper. These online resources can help: O*NET Online This […]

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Three LinkedIn Do’s For Your Job Search

Three LinkedIn Do’s For Your Job Search:  LinkedIn is one of the most popular job search tools today. The best time to build your profile, connect with people, and participate on LinkedIn is now. Don’t Dismiss LinkedIn as Something Only for People Who Are Looking For a New Job. If you find yourself suddenly unemployed […]

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Working with Recruiters

At some point in your job search, you may consider working with a recruiter. It can be helpful to understand more about this industry and how recruiters operate. Recruiters are also referred to as search firms, placement agencies, executive recruiters, or headhunters. Companies use recruiters to help identify a select number of candidates for a […]

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Your Job Offer Questions Answered!

  Your Job Offer Questions Answered!  Many of the people we work with ask us the same questions about job offers, so we wanted to give you some tips that can help you during this part of your job search. Here are some of the common job offer questions that we receive:   I’ve been […]

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Military Transition: 10 Steps for Transitioning to a Civilian Career

Military Transition: 10 Steps for Transitioning to a Civilian Career Enroll in the Transition GPS Class (formerly known as TAP class): Transition GPS includes a five-day workshop with additional days of training available. Part of the class is spent on job search strategies, including resume writing and interview preparation. You can also fill out a survey to […]

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